Choreography Competition 2020

DSC08258Choreographic Competition  2020 


Adjudicator Bianca Musto fullsizeoutput_2763

A wonderful afternoon Congratulations everyone

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Junior Solo – Lili Mai Dove

Senior Solo -Lucy Cole 

Musicality – Ashton Jupp

Entertaining Pupil -Eliza Edwards

Entertaining Dance -Mia Bell , Lyra Rudge , Niya Langaigne

Junior Promising Pupil – Tilly Edwards 

Senior Promoising Pupil -Maisie Edwards

Original Dance -Aimee Deevoy, Jasmine Ray Shemi

Best Costume – Olivia Boxall

8 Years and Under Cup – Mia Blane

Miss Fuller Cup – Ruby Dalton 

Cup For Poise – Isabelle Wise 

Cup for Expression 

Alys Mangano ,Antonella Cortez  


Many Congratulations to all who danced , you were all wonderful .