RAD Ballet Exam Results November 2014

 RAD  Ballet Exam Results , November 2014

Grade 1   Ashton Jupp, Merit,   Tavia Lincoln Merit,    Caitlin Chapman  Merit ,   Mariana Tania Cortez  Merit,

Grade 2  Eve Ozmen  Distinction,    Saffron Marlow  Merit,  Holly Francis  Pass ,

Grade 3  Erin Longley Distinction,     Mia Hales  Merit ,    Lucy Holmes  Merit,

Grade 4   Alyss Bray  Distinction,    Erin Longley  Distinction,   Charlotte Smith  Distinction                                                    Emma Brittain  Meri,t,   Katie Brittain  Merit,   Lucy Holmes  Merit,    Dorota Tanska  Merit,

Grade 5   Emily Licence  Merit,  Trudy Turtle  Merit,   Alisha Carver  Merit

 Very Many Congratulations to you all , excellent results , with lots of very high Merits and Distinctions, Well Done    


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